Joanna Curtiss, Warren, Conn., March 3, 1865


Joanna Curtiss, Warren, Conn., March 3, 1865


Civil War


Joanna Curtiss writes to her son Homer about the coming end of the war, the work of Reconstruction, Grant's strategy, and her concerns over profiteering.




March 3rd, ’65 (1865)

Dear Homer
When I read the
papers day by day I cannot but hope
that the day is not so very far off
that this war (proper) may be said
to be over - still I sometimes fear that
we are not yet sufficiently awake
to the responsibilities resting upon
us as a nation - it appears to me
there will be a great work for this gen-
eration, to provide for the maimed and
crippled, the widowed and fatherless,
for the education of the orphans - and
to assist the Freedmen + their families
to become useful and happy mem-
bers of society - can any look at this
work if he is a Christian, or a philan-
thropist, and feel justified in making
money to pile up? It would seem
impossible - - you don’t know how
I thank you, for every letter you write
us, it is the next best thing to seeing you -

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When I think how short the time is
to Sept - I always think of dear Alfred -
but the same Father who has thus far
sustained, will still order all events
concerning us, as he sees best for us-
May we all be able to say heartily
“not as I will but as thou will”
Have you any idea that Grant in-
tends to attack Lee? Or does he only
wish to keep him where he is until
Sherman shows himself again, vic-
torious? I think no one can look on with
out some anxiety, yet it seems to me
that in many cases money, + money ma-
king is at the bottom of it all - perhaps
I am uncharitable, I would not be so -
but it makes me sick almost, to see the
maker of a dollar given, or asked for in
charity - enough of this - I am feeling bet-
ter for a week or two, than for some time -
let us be thankful for the blessings we
have, and trust for the future - - hoping
and praying that we may meet, + unite
in thanksgiving to God for grace + liberty
I remain your Mother
J S Curtiss

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