P.W. Strong, Warren, Conn., November 5, 1862


P.W. Strong, Warren, Conn., November 5, 1862


Civil War


P.W. Strong writes to her nephew Homer Curtiss about the death of her son by her first marriage, Seth Reynolds, of Warren, Conn. Reynolds was a sergeant in Company A of the 7th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. He was killed in action in Pocotaligo, S.C. on October 22, 1862.




Warren Nov 5 1862
Dear Friend Homer
I believe
you promised to write to Aunt
Phebe but she will excuse you for
the past, knowing you have a great
many friends to write to, but
in the future “I shall claim a turn
for I shall miss Seths letters
so much - I never say nothing
of him to you as you know
more of him that I do myself
I believe he went away with
the impression he should not
come back - but lately he has
said more of coming home and
I had fondly hoped he would,
but his time had come and he
must go - He died as he had
wished at his post, he lived
but a few hours to suffer

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after that fatal ball had
pierced his lungs, he was
conscious calm resigned and
cheerfull at the prospect of
death. Said he “I am not afraid
to die but this comes suddenly”
he was carried 7 miles on a
blanket by his comrads to the
boat and died on the passage
He was buried in the Pine
woods escorted by the Govt as
usual I suppose- Alf says
“they fired 3 volleys over the grave
an left their friend and fellow
soldier alone” and there we
will let him rest until the
great day when I hope we may
all meet to part never__
he has gone through all the
labours privations and hardship
faithfully patiently and
cheerfully I know, and what

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a rest and reward too—
This Chaplain says of “he was
one of the most faithfull and
exemplary men in the Rgt’ ”
his Capt says “he was his Chief
advisor and support” Alf
says “he was a Father and Brother
to him” These things are comforting
to us, that he fulfilled his
post so well - We will not
murmur or complain - his Father
had a right to call him home,
If Seth gave you any directives
regarding his effects I would
like to have every thing as he said
his letter he left for me was
simply regarding his books
you will write me if any more
directions - I should wish to
erect a stone by his Father to
his memory - Your Mother
bears that news better than I

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feared - I shall call often
to see her. I suppose you get all
that is going on here by others -
have you seen my Walter he is
at the Surgeon Generals Office
at Washington hope he will
find your Camp.
Please write soon and
oblidge your Aunt
P W Strong
remember me to all the boys
I will perhaps write to some
of them some day, tell me
how Minor is, he is important
and I am sorry for him but
hope he will come out right
Did Seth ever express a
wish to be brought to Warren
if he fell

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