William Smith, 14th C.V.I., February 9, 1863


William Smith, 14th C.V.I., February 9, 1863


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United States. Army--Pay, allowances, etc.
McClellan, George B. -- (George Brinton), -- 1826-1885


William Smith writes to his wife about his chance to get a furlough, his pay, sending money home, the current state of the regiment's officers, and opinions of George McClellan.




Feburary 9th
Falmouth Decem
My Dear Wife I received your last letter
and they Dolor you sent me I waited pationley
for your letter to hear from they children I
was glad that She is getting better Ellen tell
her to be a good giril and father will
if he can get a chance to see her he
will they are giving 10 days furlo to some
of they men they way they do it is draw lots
and if you are they luckey one why you do
get a furlow and if not you can stay
hear we have got 4 months pay 52 dolors
I am going to send you 30 dolors by the
Chaplin he is going home on a furlow
for 10 days So he will take it to Middletown
and put it in they post office So you can
get it joseph Mackcluskey he has got hear
know he lockes first rate we have got a
knew captain 2 leutenants we have lost bro
broach lucas and galpin Broach he has been
Promoted captain in Co A So we
Have lost all all our old officers know
[page 2]
So we have to do they best we I can about
that furlow you kneed not expect me
untill my time is Served in they Army
I am getting allong first rate thank god
I wish I could get a furlow I should
like to see you and they children but
if not hope on hope on About they Box
I Should like that Box know for I want
them Boots this place is all Mud tell bill that if
He was Hear he would See Some of they greenest
Officers that ever was Some of them was made
leutenants from corpolors they whole officers
Does not know beans we have lost all our
best officers how is David getting allong
tell Bill to that all they Soldgers wants
Mcclenan then they will fight that is
So it tis all little Mack give father my
best respects and all they familey I wish
you would ask margrit for Johns adress
what company he is in I Should like
to hear from him I will Send they
children 10 cents a pice in this letter
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This is No 1 from me Letter
Willie 10
Ellen 10
Mary An 10
Magy Jane 10
I want you to number your
letters know thin I can tell if I get
them and So can you I have nothing
particular to rite to you know
but we are in the same place still
give my best respects to Mr Hubbard
and Family tell seth to rite to me
or harley and I Will rite to him I should
like to hear how they get allong gorge he is
first rate give tom fling my Respects tell
him I would rather make hay in they bogey meddowes
than to carey a rifele Abbout them mits you
kneed not send them for I have got they
pair you sent me is as good as ever you
Sell them but you can send all they
Socks you have a mind to I want they
Childrens likeness if you can send them in
a card I want to see them but for you I donth
care for I guess you can send them all in
a letter or give them to lucas and he
will fetch them to me I should like
to see them you can send yours to I should
[page 4]
Like to see it two I want to have you to
rite to me as soon as son you get this
letter Sunday or not for I like to get as
maney as you can rite no more at present
From your Affectionate Husband
William D Smith good boy
Excuse my short letter

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