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Visual Description: Twelve individuals, a mix of faculty members and students, are standing on the steps inside the front of Crozier-Williams holding up signs protesting homophobia and raising awareness on LGBTQIA issues. One sign reads “Your Hate…

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These class D and G submarines were among the first to arrive in Groton during the First World War. Transforming the original Navy Yard site, the quiet seaside town of New London became the location of the first ever Naval Submarine Base.

Built by General Dynamics, the USS Nautilus was the first nuclear submarine ever created. The Nautilus is still celebrated and appreciated today, as it is preserved and on view as part of the Submarine Force Library and Museum in Groton, CT.

This well-worn cadet cap from World War II, invites us to wonder about the life and experiences of its long-ago wearer: What shores has this cap seen beyond the Thames? Although the design of the cadet cap has changed over the years, it still…

The Eagle, a U.S. Coast Guard ship built in 1790, still serves as a training ship for US Coast Guard cadets today. Established on August 4, 1790 by Alexander Hamilton, the Coast Guard was the first militarized seagoing force in the country and it…
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