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Photographic postcard depicting a view of Broad Street from Huntington Street in New London, Conn.
Photographic postcard of Second Congregational Church in New London, Conn., with a view of Hempstead St. The reverse side of the postcard has a handwritten note "to Florence from Momma," but no address or postmark.
Photographic postcard of the Custom House in New London, Conn. The reverse of the card bears a 1913 postmark from New London; it is addressed to the Lebanon Creamery Co. in Lebanon, Conn.
Postcard of the Joshua Hempsted House (incorrectly identified on the postcard as "Hempstead House" built by Sir Robert Hempstead in 1643). The card is addressed to Miss E. Kilgour (sp?) in West Springfield, Mass. It has a 1911 (?) postmark from New…
Photographic postcard of Main Street in New London, Conn. The card is addressed to Mrs. Elizabeth Downs in New Haven, Conn., and it has a 1910 postmark from Norwich, Conn.
Postcard of the Mohican Hotel in New London, Conn.
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