William Ingram, 12th C.V.I., August 11, 1862


William Ingram, 12th C.V.I., August 11, 1862


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United States. Army. Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 12th (1861-1865)


William Ingram writes to his wife about the difficulties of getting home and the progress of the war in Louisiana.




Campe Parepet Aug 11-62
My Dear Wife
I Receivd your leter of July 18
And I was very glad to
Hear from you and the
Children and the rest of
The folks that you was all
Well I am well as comon I
Have not did eny deuty
Sense the 16 of apriel I
Havent got very Stout
yet but I am So that I
Can travel all round the
Camp ground it is very
Warm weather downe heare
Now henry is quite well
Theire is plenty of ripe
Figs and a plenty of orengs
[page 2]
And sum lemons here
you wrote a good deal a
Boute my coming home
But I dont sea eny
Chance for me to guit
Home untill the war is
Ended and that dont look
As it will bea very Soon
Now I Should bea very
Glad to cum home and
Sea you and the children
But it cost to much
The fair is 60ty dolars
From new orlens to new
york you must keap up
Goo chear and put your
Trust in god for every
Thing will work for
[page 3]
The best who put their
Trust in god I was very
Glad to hear that willy
Has ben a good boy tell
Him he must help you
All he can tell the rest
Of the children that I
Say tha they must bea
Good Children and help
you all they can for it
Will bea very on Sirtin
When I shll guit home
Againe for the rebels air
Determin to hold oute
As long as they can
Five companeys of ours
Rigment our company
Was withem went a few
[page 4]
Days a go over lake
Ponchetraine to burn a
Bridg and toir up the
Railrode track they Stairs
Nine days theys had a
Brush with the rebels their
Was for or five of our men
Wounded and we kild
Seven of them and wounded
Nine of them you did not
Write wheither you receivd
The 10 dolar check or not
I wish you would let me no
Wheither you receivd it or
Not you rote aboute
Sending me sum money but
Theire wasnot eny in it
From your afectionate husband
Wm Ingram

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