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McCracken Civil War Correspondence


A collection of correspondence received by James McCracken from William Reynolds and Charles McCracken, soldiers in the Connecticut Volunteer Infantry…

The Beatrix Potter Symposium Exhibition


This collection contains digital images of objects used in an exhibition celebrating the Beatrix Potter Society Symposium held at Connecticut College…

William Ingram Civil War Correspondence


A collection of correspondence sent by William Ingram, a solider in the 12th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, to his wife during the Civil War. Also…

Cornelius Gold Papers


A collection of correspondence between Cornelius Gold and his family, written between 1862 and 1866. The bulk of the correspondence is from Gold to…

Connecticut College Campus Activism


Kachi Kachi Mountain
David Abelson and Ryan Glantz

This is a Japanese Crepe Paper Book describing the fairy tale of the rabbit and the badger.

Contributors: Thompson, David (translator)
Eitaku, Sensei (illustrator)

The Hare of Inaba

This is a Japanese woodblock printed crepe paper book describing the fairy tale "The Hare of Inaba."

Contributors: T.H. James, Translator. Kobayashi, Eitaku. Illustrator.

The Old Man and The Devils

Contributors: Hepburn, James Curtis (1815-1911) (Translator)

Cornelius B. Gold Journal


Battle of the Monkey and the Crab

This is a Japanese woodblock printed crepe paper book, describing the fairy tale " Battle of the Monkey and the Crab."