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Hygienic Art Galleries


Located on Bank Street, the Hygienic Art Galleries is a public art gallery that serves artists from the New London area. It strives to represent all types of artists and give a voice to those who may otherwise not have a chance to be heard. Founded in 1844, the space was originally a restaurant and bar that held art shows for local artists. The Hygienic Restaurant and Bar was inspired by the nineteenth century Salon des Indépendants movement in Paris, which rebelled against the art establishment. When in 1985 the restaurant closed down, the space was slated for demolition. Local artists banded together to raise money and save the building, ultimately turning it into an art gallery. Today the Hygienic is the center of the fine arts community in New London.




Jacob Brill-Weil

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Hygienic Restaurant and Bar  Menu
The coffee stained, wrinkled pages display meals costing not much more than a single dollar. While prices have changed, the lobster logo is still used in the current art gallery’s literature.
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