United States Coast Guard Academy


United States Coast Guard Academy


Established in 1790, the Coast Guard is the first "seagoing" military force in the country. Its Academy was founded in 1910 at Fort Trumbull as cadets sailed the tall ship Itasca to this quiet seaside town. The City of New London donated the land for its current site to the US Government in 1932. Additionally, the Allyn and Payne estates of New London contributed funds to build facilities. The Academy offers nine different programs of study, ranging from Civil and Mechanical Engineering to Naval Architecture and Government. In 1966, the school admitted its first African American cadet, with the declaration of full racial integration. Ten years later, the Academy opened its doors to women, and in 1980, admitted the first international cadet. Although it is the smallest of all the military academies, with about 1000 cadets, its commitment to our national safety is second to none. The school’s motto, “the sea yields to knowledge,” is a fitting tribute to New London as a “city on the sea”.


Jenni Wilson


Jenni Wilson

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United States Coast Guard Cutter "Eagle" Wood Engraving
The Eagle, a U.S. Coast Guard ship built in 1790, still serves as a training ship for US Coast Guard cadets today. Established on August 4, 1790 by Alexander Hamilton, the Coast Guard was the first militarized seagoing force in the country and it…

United States Coast Guard Cadet “Dixie Cup” Hat
This well-worn cadet cap from World War II, invites us to wonder about the life and experiences of its long-ago wearer: What shores has this cap seen beyond the Thames? Although the design of the cadet cap has changed over the years, it still…

WWII Informational Brochure
According to the National Park Service, participation in World War II was the Coast Guard’s most intense and ambitious endeavor. In charge of over 300 ships and over 800 cutters, the military branch proved its worth in this crucial time.

Cadet Color Guard, Coast Guard Academy, New London, Conn.
IIn 1932, citizens of New London donated land to the US Treasury to move the Coast Guard Academy from its original location at Fort Trumbull to its present site. This postcard depicts cadets in a uniform procession, most likely, a “Regimental…
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