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FRESH New London, a local non-profit which works towards systemic change in agriculture and food production practices, as well as food security and sustainability, empowers volunteers to lend a hand in building and maintaining neighborhood community gardens. The organization has an office in Saint James Episcopal Church, and a garden located behind the church. Since its founding, FRESH has also constructed urban gardens in previously unused space, such as its notable McDonald Park. Most of the produce is grown at the group’s Mercer Urban Farm, in which roughly half of the crops are tended to by local residents, and the other by FRESH staff members. More than just a source of food, the parks and gardens are places for the community to gather, learn, and enjoy themselves.

The organization also works to engage with New London’s youth, through its after-school programs at local elementary schools in which it teaches children about agriculture and nutrition, and how the food they eat is grown and distributed. As a response to an increasingly urban environment and a lack of affordable, healthy food, Fresh is both a representation of the issues plaguing New London today, as well as its citizens’ resourcefulness, hard work, and passion for the community.


Marian Hancock-Cerutti


Marian Hancock-Cerutti

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