Captain Scott's Lobster Dock


Captain Scott's Lobster Dock


Information from Susan Tierney, co-owner:
Captain Scott's Lobster Dock was started in 1996 in its current location. My brothers, Tom and Scott Eshenfelder were commercial fisherman looking for space to house a lobster holding facility. We entered into a Lease with the New London Redevelopment Agency in 1994, I included a picture of what the site looked like at that time ( I believe the city actually took this property through eminent domain from the ferry company in 1960s). T.A. Scott Fisheries was the first business to start here. A lobster holding facility where we bought lobsters from local fisherman and sold them to restaurants and grocery stores. We soon discovered that this would be a pretty unique location for an outdoor restaurant. Captain Scott's is named after our great great great Grandfather, T.A.Scott, who had a marine salvage business here in New London on Pequot Ave. back in the late 1800s.


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Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock Site
Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock was once the rundown lot seen in this photograph until it was turned into T.A. Scott Fisheries, a lobster holding facility, by commercial fishermen Tom and Scott Eshenfelder in 1994.
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