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Union Station



Union station was built in 1877 when the New London and New Haven rail companies merged, and needed a new station building, making it the sixth rail station to serve New London. It was the last station that famed architect Henry Hobson Richardson (1838-1886) designed before his death. Because Union Station is located on the Northeast corridor it serves both local lines and larger train lines such as Amtrak, and as a connection to the ferries to Long Island and Fishers Island, and Block Island. It is one of the oldest and most characteristic buildings that remains from the new London of the 19th century. Over the years its ownership has changed hands and additions such as the footbridge, have been built and removed. In the 1970s the station underwent a significant restoration, but remains visibly very similar to its original standing. 


Marian Hancock-Cerutti


Marian Hancock-Cerutti


Marian Hancock-Cerutti


Marian Hancock-Cerutti

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Times Change: The raised pedestrian footbridge
Though today’s Union Station looks remarkably similar to the 1887 original, some things have changed—namely the raised pedestrian footbridge, shown in this photograph, which was built in 1912 to aid passengers in crossing the tracks to the platform…

Ladies In Waiting
Through this historic photograph of two women sitting in the station’s waiting room, we see a glimpse into both the internal structures and decor of Union Station in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Historic Union Station
The exterior of the station remains largely the same as depicted here, though the surrounding landscape has changed greatly in the years since these postcards were made. In the place of the quaint building to the left of the station now lies a large,…

Union Station at 100: An Unqualified Success Story
Despite the residents of New London's initial disapproval of the station, on the grounds that it blocked the downtown view of the water, and their following protests of the renovation years later, Richardson's Union Station proudly celebrated 100…

Only Yesterday
These glimpses into the past were periodically published in the New London Day Newspaper, as a reminder of this city’s rich historical background and an ever-present Union Station throughout. While little has changed in its outward appearance over…

Ticket Stub to New London
New York New Haven & Hartford Railroad Agent Stub to New London, Connecticut
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