Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association


Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association


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This collection contains scans of materials from the Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives related to the work of the Connecticut Women's Suffrage Association, particularly Grace Gallatin Seton, and suffrage activities on the Connecticut College campus.


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Collection Items

Mary Foulke Morrisson
Photograph of Connecticut College Trustee, Mary Foulke Morrisson, likely taken on the occasion of her retirement from the Board in 1965.

Chase Going Woodhouse seated at her desk
Chase Going Woodhouse, professor of economics, seated at her desk with her husband Edward Woodhouse.

Portrait of Chase Going Woodhouse
Formal portrait of Chase Going Woodhouse

Crusade and Some Crusaders
Lecture by Mary Foulke Morrisson of the movement to pass the 19th Amendment. Delivered on October 12, 1960 and published in the Connecticut College Magazine in Summer 1971 on the occasion of Mrs. Morrisson's death.

First C.C. Voters
Article from the Connecticut College News 11 November 1920 naming the students who voted for the first time in the presidential election.

Trials and Tribulations of Two Suffragists
Article from the Connecticut College News on 18 January 1919 describing the experience of students campaigning door to door for the suffrage movement.

Suffrage and the War
Student opinion column in the Connecticut College News from 28 November 1917.

Mrs. Woodhouse's New Duties Won't Part Her from Students
Interview from the Connecticut College News from 20 November 1940 with Prof. Chase Going Woodhouse following her election as Secretary of State for Connecticut.

Litchfield County Automobile Campaign
Photograph of participants in the Litchfield County Automobile Campaign for the Connecticut Women's Suffrage Association in 1911.

Difference Between Men and Women Makes Equal Suffrage Imperative
Typed speech by Grace Gallatin Seton with manuscript notes and emendations.
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