Page 19, The Old Man and the Devils


Page 19, The Old Man and the Devils


Hasegawa Takejiro


T. Hasagawa, 17 Kami Negishi, Tokyo


Meiji 19, Month 4, Day 27 (April 27, 1886)


Private Collection, on loan to Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives, Connecticut College

Original Format

Crepe paper


Hearing all about how the old man had got rid of his lump, he determined that he would also try the same plan to get rid of his lump. So he went and crept into the hollow tree and waited for the devils to come. Sure enough, they came just as he was told. They sat down, drank wine and made merry just as they did before. The old man afraid and trembling crept out of the hollow tree. The devils welcomed him saying, "the old man has come,



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