Page 5, The Old Man and the Devils


Page 5, The Old Man and the Devils


Hasegawa, Takejiro, 1853-1938


Private collection, on loan to Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives, Connecticut College


T. Hasegawa, Kami Negishi, Tokyo


Meiji 19, Month 4, Day 27 (April 27, 1886)

Original Format

Crepe paper


cut wood, when the rain began to pour and the wind to blow so very hard, that finding it impossible to return home, and filled with fear, he took refuge in the hollow of an old tree. While sitting there doubled up and unable to sleep, he heard the confused sound of many voices in the distance gradually approaching to where he was. He said to himself., "how strange! I thought I was all alone in the mountain but I hear the voices of many people"; so



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