Page 14, The Hare of Inaba


Page 14, The Hare of Inaba


Hasegawa, Takejiro, 1853-1938


Private Collection on loan to Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives, Connecticut College


T. Hasegawa 17 Kami Negishi Tokyo


Meiji 19, Month 12, Day 7 (Dec. 7, 1886)

Original Format

Crepe Paper Book


Continued the hare, "the eighty Princes who went by before you, told me to bathe in salt water, and lie down in the wind. I did as they told me, but I am ten times worse than before, and my whole body is smarting and sore." Then the eighty first brother said to the hare, "Go quickly now to the river, it is quite near. Wash yourself well with the fresh water, then take the pollen of the sedges growing on the river bank, spread it about on the ground, and roll among it; if you do this, your skin will heal, and your fur grow again." So the hare




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