Page 10, The Enchanted Waterfalls


Page 10, The Enchanted Waterfalls


Hasegawa, Takejiro, 1853-1938


Private collection, on loan to the Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives, Connecticut College


T. Hasegawa, 17 Kamy Negishi, Tokyo


Meiji 25, Month 12, Day 25 (Dec 2, 1887)

Original Format

Crepe paper book


was flowing away in a quiet stream, and using his hand as a cup drank a little of it. What was his amazement to find that instead of water it was the most excellent sake! Overjoyed at this discovery, he quickly filled the gourd which was hanging at his girdle, and made the best of his way home, rejoicing that now at last he had something good to bring back to his poor old father. The old father was so delighted with the sake that he drank cup after cup, A neighbor happening to drop in, the story was told to him, and cup of sake



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