Page 14, The Enchanted Waterfalls


Page 14, The Enchanted Waterfalls


Hasegawa, Takejiro, 1853-1938


Private collection, on loan to the Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives, Connecticut College


T. Hasegawa, 17 Kamy Negishi, Tokyo


Meiji 25, Month 12, Day 25 (Dec 2, 1887)

Original Format

Crepe paper book


was to be visited again. What was the surprise of the young man when he came to the spot, to find several of his neighbours already there, and all armed with buckets, jars, pitchers; anything that would carry a good supply of the coveted sake. Each man had come secretly, believing that he alone had found his way to the magic waterfall. The young woor-cutter was am used to see the looks of disappointment and anger upon the faces of those who already stood near the water, as they saw fresh arrivals every moment. Each one



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