Page 18, The Enchanted Waterfalls


Page 18, The Enchanted Waterfalls


Hasegawa, Takejiro, 1853-1938


Private collection, on loan to the Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives, Connecticut College


T. Hasegawa, 17 Kamy Negishi, Tokyo


Meiji 25, Month 12, Day 25 (Dec 2, 1887)

Original Format

Crepe paper book


"Could this be true," he thought, "or was it all a dream?" "At any rate,"said he," I must taste once more for myself." He filled the gourd and drank. Sure enough, there was the same fine flavored sake he had tasted yesterday. And so it remained. To the good dutiful son the cascade flowed with the finest sake, while to all others it yielded only cold water. THE emperor hearing this wonderful story, sent for the good young wood-cutter, rewarded him for his kindness to his father,and even changed the name of the



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