New London Time Capsule

Time Capsule New London 

The historic New London City Hall building (built in 1856 and renovated in 1912) is currently slated to undergo a major renovation. In the Fall of 2018 and the Spring of 2019, two Connecticut College seminars worked on the development and public presentation of the proposed contents and design of the New London City Hall time capsule. Students explored historical objects and documents held in various New London public collections like the New London Historical Society, New London Landmarks, the New London Custom House Maritime Museum and Connecticut College's Linda Lear Center for Special Collections.

In collaboration with the New London city government, the fall seminar prepared a proposal for the contents and design of a time capsule to be placed within the building during construction. Building on the work of a fall 2018 seminar, which explored New London’s history and present to formulate a time capsule proposal, students in the Spring 2019 seminar prepared an exhibition to be hosted at Charles E. Shain Library, with a linked exhibition website.

We would like to thank Tom Bombria, Community & Economic Development Project Coordinator, City of New London, for his championship of the project. Many thanks to the institutions and individuals who have permitted the reproduction of images, credited in the Source line of individual entries.


Curated by students in Architectural Studies 471 (Professor Anna Vallye): Jacob Brill-Weil, Eva Brydson, Marian Hancock-Cerutti, Caitlin Teare, and Jennifer Wilson. With original contributions by students in Art 300 (Professor TJ Proechel): Jackie Hiner, Isabella Pols, Matthew Sambor, Tyler Smith, Megan Webber, Maya Weis; and Computer Science 312 (Professor Ozgur Izmirli): Emily Cowan, Patrick Davis, Taigo Nakazawa, Abhijeet Pradhan, Julia Rossiter, Kunal Sheth, Anil Timbil, Camden Wagner, and Jaleel Watler. Initial research conducted by students in Architectural Studies 470 (Professor Anna Vallye): Nadia Bednarczuk, Antionette Burgess, Linnea Coffin, Jamila Ezbidi, Megan Feragne, Sachi Fukaya, Shannon Kennedy, Brittany Krasner, Quinlan Low, Grace McGee, Rose Montera, Cal Nadeau, Olga Nikolaeva, Fiona Ocain, Lisamarie Rojas, and Erin Smith. Technical coordination by Rose Oliveira, with special assistance by Eve O’Brien.