William Ingram, 12th C.V.I., September 15, 1862


William Ingram, 12th C.V.I., September 15, 1862


United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Naval operations
United States. Army. Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 12th (1861-1865)


William Ingram sends a letter describing the contents of a box he is sending home




Camp Paripet
Sept. 15. 1862
May. Dear. Wife
I thought I Woul
Wright you a
Few lines to let
You know that
I have got quite
Smart a gaine hoping these few
Lines will finde you and the
Children all well I send you one
Box containing a gun. I wish
You Would guit uncle ben to oile
It in side and oute side and rap it
All up with sum wolen cloth and
Put it in dum fry plase whare it
Will keape safe I wan you to take
Good care of it for I think a good
Deale of it as it was a seasesh gun
Onse if I shouldent live to cum
Home a gane I wante Willey to have
It I send you a seasesh shell box
And a paire of shels and I want

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You shoulde kepe them to remember
Me by I send you sum glass
Jars theire is bushels of them laing
Aboute the campe ground and I
Tyhought I would send you sum
Of them I send you sum seasesh
Pepers which I gethered myself and
I Wish that you would give
Mrs Fellows one bottle of them
And aunt Sarah 1 bottle of them
And uncle ben 1 bottle of them
I wish that you would plant those
Peper seads in a box and if you
Will keape them in a warm
Place they will grow and bare the
year round I send you sum of our
Camp candles. this basket I made
From sum palm leaf stolks those
Pods aire cotton pods cotton plant
groes sum hier than I can reach
And has yellow and pink blosums
One stolk I send uncle ben sum
Cartredges so he can sea hoe they
aire maide

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Those shells in the tin box I pick
Them up on ship Island and want
Tow keepe them tow remember the
Island by those roses grow heare
In abundance heare I send you
Sum figs put in venagar the
First crop of figs aire all gon and
Theire is a nother crop cuming on
Oranges aire very plenty heare the
First crope of them aire all gon and
The secon crop aire moste grone now
I send you sum greane ones I donte
Spose that they will keepe till
They guit home those presimons
Seads plant them sum shaare
Send sum to father lampheres
Folks tell them that I say that
They must plant them in a good
Rich spot they grow to bea quite
A large tree and bear first rate
Fruite those leaves are bernaners leavs
Sum of those leavs aire as bigr a
Gaine as those aire I sent you

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I donte think of eny thing
Else now so god by for this time
Fram your afectionate husband
Wm. Ingram




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