William Digby Smith, 14th C.V.I., May 19, 1865


William Digby Smith, 14th C.V.I., May 19, 1865


United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
United States. Army. Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 14th (1862-1865)
Appomattox Campaign (1865)


William Smith writes to his wife of the march back from Appomattox following Lee's surrender and of the imminent dissolution of his regiment.






Smith 18650519 – TRANS
May 19th
Camp Near Alexandra
Dear wife I send you these few
lines to let you know that I am
well hoping this will find you
better than when you rote to me
last I received the letter you
rote to me on the 7th the 16th
of this month Dear wife I would
have written to you before this
time only that I wanted to find
out what the was going to do
with us the are giving the men
in the ridgement that is broke
down there discharge so I donth
know when we will get our
discharge but there is one thing
the cannot keep us any longer
than the first of September Dear
wife it twas a hard march there
was quiet a number of the men
Died on the march Do you
remember the thunder Storm
(Page 2)
That shoock the house so that
you held on to me so well we
have had one on the march
3 times as bad it cominced about
5 o clock in the after noon and
it lasted all night so we had
to march in all the rain then
turin out in a lot and stop
theire untill morning if any
Body wished for morning it twas
Me I neaver seen sutch a sight
there was quiet a number of
men and horses killed the guns
Drew the lightning there was so
mutch Steel Dear wife I must
Drop this george he is well
and the rest of the boys is well
it rains quiet hard hear know
the rain keeps a coming in
Dear wife you must
Excuse this short letter you
will not have to lock for
(Page 3)
Manny more letters from me
I hope this will find you
and margret in good health
And all the rest of the family
we would have had a revew
to day only it rains Dear
wife I will tell you all
abbout the march when I get
home give my love to father
and family Mr hubbard
And family David John
And family you can tell
willie that I think I will
be home for to get a mess
of Peas yet Kiss the children
for me you must excuse
me for not riting to you before
this time No more at presint
From your loving husband
William D Smith
good boy rite soon

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