Thomas Pimer, 21st C.V.I, June 2, 1864


Thomas Pimer, 21st C.V.I, June 2, 1864


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United States. Army. Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 21st (1862-1865)
Civilians in war -- Virginia -- History -- 19th century


Thomas Pimer writes to his father of his disappointment in not hearing from home, health in the camp, and the situation of the local citizens.



Head Qrt. Dept. Va. + N.C.

                                                Provost Marshals Office

                                                Norfolk Va. June, 2nd 1864

Dear Father

                                            Your letter of the 26th May was

received with much pleasure on Sunday. I was very glad

indeed to hear from you for I had thought you did not

intend to answer my letter it being such a long time

since I wrote. I felt very bad several times when I thought

of you and wondered why you did not write. You dont

know Father what feelings I have sometimes when

I think of the past, of the once Happy home of my

Childhood. where I was surrounded by those that I loved

who I then thought loved and cherished me as their baby

Son and brother but who now seem to think or care not

for him that is far away from them. It does not seem

as though I had any Brothers Sisters or Parents. I once

in a long while get a letter from Mary but what composes

it there is no Sisterly love or affection about them

nothing more than to pass the compliments of the Day

and talk of Home disputes, and Flirtations. I never

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hear from George William or Susan John has written once

to me because I earnestly requested it of him. I have

received but two letters from Home since I was there

and I feel very bad about it. There has indeed been a

great change in our Family dureing the past six years

the Father has been seperated from his Children most

of them hate and despise him they pass him in the

street with cold looks and haughty manners.  he

has not one of his children to come and see him and to

comfort him in his old age. then on the other hand

the Brothers + Sisters in their Hearts despise

one annother. for selfish reasons one hates the other

because he or she is a little better situated and has

got the means of living comfortably. they are always

quarrelling and disputing and are never Happy.

            I have really sit down and cried about it.

I sometimes wish that I had never been Born.

what aught to be my Home is not a Home to

me. those that aught to love me care nothing

for me and I am left to myself. when I go with

young men into the presence of their Fathers they enter

into conversation with them talk laugh and joke

with them the go out togeather and enjoy eachothers

company as though they were both boys togeather

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but it is not so with me and my Father and many

+ many a time have I wished such was so with us

I have longed for your company and at times would

have given anything to have been with you only a short

time. you have thought (and maby you do now) that

I cared nothing for you but you are mistaken

I know that I have often had hard feelings

towards you. but I was the cause of it. it was

my Temper which carried me away and caused your

anger and many a time have I been sorry for

words I have used to you when you little thought

it. if I have disliked you at times I never

Cursed you as others have done. neather do

I hate you for I could not Hate my Father let

him treat me in the worst manner. yes Father

I do care for you and often do I think of you

when alone in my room and wondered why

I could not have been to you as I see other

Boys are to their Fathers. But it is no use to

talk of that now as it was so will it remain

all we can do is to make an atonement for

the past, and live different in the Future.

I say live different. we can I know we can.

    You Be to me as A Father aught to be to his

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Son. build up new hopes in me and I will

prove to you that I can be worthy of your

affection. write to me often. do not be

affraid to talk to me if you have any advise

give it freely and I will abide by it if Possible.

let us be to eachother as we should be and see

in the future if there cannot be Love without

Emnety of feelings towards one annother.

  I am yet in the Provost Office and have charge

of one Branch of the Business. I am likely

to stay here a long while. that is if I behave

myself. (and I think I shall) my Health

continues to be very good. the weather is

exceedingly fine here now but very warm.

the small pox has about disappered only a

few cases remains. it is reported that there

is a case of Yellow Feaver in Portsmouth

but I guess its false. if it does come here

and get to spreading I shall take up my

Bed and go double quick. Business is very

Dull here and produce is awfull High. the

citizens live mostly on Fish and Bacon they have

no money to buy meat + vegetables with.

  Give my love to mother and all inquireing

Friends.  Hopeing this will find you both

well I will close.  answer soon

                                    From your affectionate

                                    Son ThS K Pimer



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