Thomas Pimer, 21st C.V.I., February 27 1865


Thomas Pimer, 21st C.V.I., February 27 1865


United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Sources
United States. Army. Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 21st (1862-1865)
Desertion, Military


Thomas Pimer writes to his father of demoralization and desertion among Confederate forces and the execution of Union deserters. He anticipates that his regiment will soon be moving to Richmond.




Postmark: Washington
John K Pimer
New London
No. 3
Masonic St

Office Chief Quarter Master
24th Army Corps.
February 27th, 1865
Dear Father
Yours of the 18th inst was
received this morning after being nine days on
the rout, the letter went to Norfolk and was
forwarded from there to me. I was very
glad to hear from you and to know that all
were well at home. I was getting quite anxious
in regards having not heard from you only
through George for two long months
George writes to me quite often and I
am indeed very much pleased to know
that He apreciates my letters and is so
well pleased with them. I endeavor to
make my letters interesting and also
encourageing. He in return writes me
some very interesting and affectionate
letters. I take a great interest in Him
and his welfare more so than I do eather
of the other Boys and hope he will be
able to prosper in his business

I received a letter from him this morning also and shall
answer tomorrow.
You spoke of my being carefull and guard
against Influence among my acquaintences
which might involve trouble you think there
might be some special attractions there you
thought just right that time, fore there is indeed
quite an attraction there and a “Female” at
that and with said “Female” I have enjoyed
many pleasant hours. you say such would
be very well for a past time but I cant see
it in that light in this case. I am very
much affraid it will be for a “Life time”,
unless something happens to prevent such
an event. but as for my getting into trouble
you need not think of such things never
fear for me Father whatsoever I do will
be done right. there is indeed a huge Cage
which confines this Bird and I think
sufficiently Strong to keep me within
its enclosure. at least for the next Six
months to come after that time I know
nothing but shall hope for the best,
and shall endeavor to come out all right
and knowing that I have your Confidence

will greatly help to keep me on the right path.
I was informed of the accident which
happened to Mr Badett and hope he will
recover and not entirely loose his sight
it would be dreadfull for him to be totally
blind and would cause much suffering
in his family if he was without any
means of doing business. I am also very
sorry to hear of Mrs Chapells Death but
old folks like her were never expected to
live always and I trust she is better off
in Heaven than here on Earth.
You are very likely posted in regards
to the recent Victories of our armies, it
has caused great excitement amongst the
soldiers, and the effects of it on the Rebs
is astonishing and has caused the utter
demoralization of their armies to have begun
Deserters from “Lees” army are pouring
into our lines at this point nearly
two hundred have come in since the
fall of Charleston and they say that
more are deserting and returning to
their homes than there are comeing
into our lines, in a short time “Lee”

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will have no army to command if they
continue to come in as they have done
for the past two weeks.
We have executions of Soldiers here
most every day for Desertion, there has
been nine Shot within the past two
weeks, and sorry to say they most all
belonged to the 10th Conn Regt but
they were recruits and all Bounty jumpers
from New York. they are not Conn
men and the State is therefor clean
of all blame. I expect there will be
a move on this line before many days
they are prepareing for it now and
I hope when next I write you it will
be mailed in the City of Richmond
I must close now so give my love
to all inquireing friends “Female”
and my Respects to all “Male” friends
“Ha””Ha”. answer soon and I remain
ThS K Pimer Your ever dutiful
Office Chief Qr Mas Son
24th Army Corps ThS K Pimer
Via Fort Monroe

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