Chief Big Eagle Letter to Saygo (June 2nd, 1982)


Chief Big Eagle Letter to Saygo (June 2nd, 1982)


Culture and Governance


Letter from Chief Big Eagle about cultural items he is making. Further discussion about his son, Moonface, and his handing off of the Colchester Reservation.


Paugussett Tribe


Chief Big Eagle




Saygo my Bro.
Enclosed fund check for the moccs, for Mary Rawlings they fit and she loves them. I will be sending you the check for the cradle board in the third, and we will be caught up to date. I am looking for you and Roy on the 11 you all can spend the night because we have from eight in the morning to ten to set up and be ready by ten. They say that they have from ten to twenty five thousand people there, I do hope so. So let me know what time you and Roy will be here. This is a yearly thing. Well it has been raining all the week here and still it is not clear days. So I hope all the rain comes now there is a rain date if it rains Sat. Sunday will be the date. I will send you the size for a dress for a Mohawk woman in a few days. Big Toe came from Arz. and will be up on the land in the MTNS. The baby is big and pretty walking and talking and is a very sweet child I have to keep my eyes on her as everyone wants to steal her. How is the family fine I pray. After the twelfth I will be able to travel. And I just turned the Colchester Reservation over to my son Moonface so that takes the weight off me because it is so much to handle running both res. And the MTNS. Well will close now so that this can get on its way to you. So walk in Balance,

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