William Reynolds, 12th C.V.I., June 13, 1862


William Reynolds, 12th C.V.I., June 13, 1862


United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
United States. Army. Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 12th (1861-1865)
Soldiers--Conduct of life
Corinth (Miss.) -- History -- Siege, 1862


William Reynolds writes from New Orleans to his friend James McCracken in Ledyard, Conn. Reynolds describes camp life, loneliness, disease and the ships and weaponry passing upriver following the siege of Corinth.




Camp Parapet
Carrollton Louisiana
Friday Afternoon June 13th/62

Dear Friend:
Your kind letter of the 15th
came to hand June 10th and as I had
already a letter on the way for you,
I have deferred writing until the
present time; although intend to
answer all letters as soon as I
receive them, for I like to have
them in circulation. I have received
only two letters & four papers, which
accompanied your letter - since I have
been South; & you may be sure those
have been read & reread several times
over. My health continues good up to
the present date, & all the Led[yard] boys
I believe are improving: and with one
or two exceptions all able to be on duty
Your brother Chas received a letter last

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night from home, which contained the
knowledge of your purchase on the Hill.
When I get home I guess I will tend
store for you as I shall be too lazy for
anything else. Isaac C. I see is
bound to be a great man - “no doubt” a
professionable one; but I hope his pro-
fession will be more meritorious than his
fathers, I presume it will be or he would
not have to study any more. “Not a bit”
Have you seen anything of Cephas of late?
It was a sad thing that I could not find
him after spending so much time in look-
ing for him. It would make my duty
so much easier! I was glad to hear that
my folks were well and all in that vi-
cinity but I guess they are not overanx-
ious to hear from me or they would
answer some of the letters I have
written them. I have written them
three or four & received none, and no
signs of any. I shall write another this
afternoon & see if I cannot get an

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answer. The weather continues dry here &
extremely “hot”. The River has fallen about
two ft. & continues to do so, and the water where
the land has been flooded is drying up which
makes it very disagreeable & is a source of
much sickness. The hospital is pretty
well filled up with invalids at the present
& a few days ago there were three fu-
nerals besides the death of a Provost mar
shal who’s was set North. Tell Bridget
I am a thousand times obliged to her for
filling up that blank leaf in your letter
as I like to have long letters as well as
to have them often. Her news, too, was of the
right “stamp” - about the girls” - which she
knew would interest me most. That is right,
keep me posted in the “Girl” department if you
fail in all others. I think if I was at home
“digging in the dirt” Bridget & the war was
over I should like it very much but I
want to see the end of this rebellion if my
health will permit. I am surprised to hear
that Capt. Brown & Lyman Gallup are
getting to be intimate friends. Well Mary

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will find a well furnished home I suppose &
a plenty of money. I suppose I shall make enough
off of this cruise to get married myself when I get
home if I don’t bring home one of these Creoles down
here with me. We are occupying the same old
place we were when I last wrote to you but are
all very anxious to move as soon as possible.
War news are very interesting down in this sec-
tion & I should think Beaureguard was about
ready to yield from all accounts. New Orleans
papers say that he told his troops they must
take care of themselves & I think this would
have been policy in the first place. Thirteen
mortar & some gun boats have passed by
our camp up the River since last night
probably to give them a few shells up to
Vicksburg or in that vicinity. Hallick is said
to have taken their whole fleet in his last
battle in the vicinity of Corinth & is using
them up in quick time. James, I want you to
send me one dollars worth or thereabouts of pos-
tage stamps & father will give you security.
I cannot get them here, even if I had money
& I do not like to send them unpaid. Write to me
as soon as you receive & report me to my folks up to
this date if they don’t have a letter the same time
You & your folks have the best wishes of
your friend
Wm. H. Reynolds
Com. K 12 Reg. C.I.
New Orleans Louisiana
Care of E.H. Abbott
P.S. I hope you will be fully recovered of the cough when this reaches you.




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