William Ingram, 12th C.V.I., March 18, 1862


William Ingram, 12th C.V.I., March 18, 1862


United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
United States. Army. Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 12th (1861-1865)
Soldiers--Conduct of life


William Ingram writes to his wife of his departure from Connecticut, passage to the Gulf of Mexico, and the regimental camp on Ship Island, Mississippi




Camp Lyon
12 Reg’t, Co. K, U.S.A.,
March 8 1862
Dear Wife We
Reacht Ship Island this morning
Aboute 8 o’clock and we had
A very pleasant pashage. I am
Well as comon hoping these few
Lins will find you the same
Henry is well we left hartford
Febuary 23 for Ship Island
We puled down our tents aboute
10 o clock and it begun to raine
Aboute the same time we got
Them down and rained stdy all
The time we march to hartford
Thrue sposh ancle deep got weat
Thrue to our skin feat and all
Got a board of the cars aboute 4
O clock got to new haven little
After dark then we had to stand
Aboute their a nour or tow

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Before we could guit a board
Of the Seamar elon sity
Half of the rigment was going
Aboard a nother Steamer but
It did not cum soe we had
All of us to go in one we was so
Crouded that I did not guit a
Chance to lay down that night
We got in new york the next
Morning aboute day light and
We got aboard the steamer fulton
That day thear was six hundred
Of the 13 main rigment on board
Of the fulton our rigmnet and
Sailors makes upwards of seventeen
Hundred men on board we
Left new york for Ship Island
Thursday 26 of febeary we have
Bin 10 days coming hear which
Is sum over ninteen hundred
miles from new york to Ship
Island I want you shod rite

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To me as soon as you guit
This for I want to hear from
you and the children the very
Wourst kind I want to know
How you guit along wheather
you air goin to liv whear you
Liv now or not write wheather
you have got your ten dolars bounty
Or not I sent you a leter
A day or tow bfore I left with
My degaritype and ten dolor
Note and I want to no wheather
you got them or not write
All the nues you guit around
Home guive my love to mis
Felows and Sarah and uncle
Ben and aunt Sarah I want
To hear from them all
Tell uncle ben thear is eny
Quantey of sea fouls hear
Can Shoute eny Quantey
Of them reight long Siae

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The vesel thear pears to
bea a good meny Solgers
On the Island I dont
No how menny for I hav
Not ben ashoer yet
They ar in a hury to send
The male so I cant write eny
more now pleas write plain
So I can reaid it them others
Leters was serablea so that I
Could not read all of it
Direct your leters
Camp Lyon Co K
12 Rigment Cv Ship Island




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