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Photographic postcard of Ancientest Burial Ground, Nathan Hale Schoolhouse and Bulkeley School, New London, Conn. The back of the postcard is addressed to Miss Anna Wicks in North Guilford, Conn.; the sender postmark is from Killingly, Conn.
Newspaper clipping of an article on the topic of coeducation at Yale University. Yale University President Kingman Brewster Jr. discusses his ideas and feelings on coeducation at Yale and the possibility of Vassar College, a womens college in…
Clipping of a New York Times article by William Borders discussing Yale University President Kingman Brewster Jr's decision to initiate a coeducational environment at Yale in September of 1969 by admitting five hundred girls.

According to the National Park Service, participation in World War II was the Coast Guard’s most intense and ambitious endeavor. In charge of over 300 ships and over 800 cutters, the military branch proved its worth in this crucial time.

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Photographic postcard depicting the monument to John Winthrop, as well as the corner of Bulkeley Place and Hempstead Street, in New London, Conn. The card has a note addressed to Miss Grace Alexander in Springfield, Mass. It has a Block Island…
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