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The National Whaling Bank was one of several business banks in New London as its economy boomed in the whaling era. The bank is the third oldest in the city and was founded by a group of whaling merchants.

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Muddy Waters is one of the most popular coffee shops in New London due to its menu, location, and ambience. While enjoying a breakfast sandwich and hot coffee one can admire the variety of movie posters, unexpected collections of miniatures, and…


42 Bank Street has long been a host to two popular coffee shops for New London locals and tourists. When Mugz closed in 2004, the Waterford Times ran an article that captured the role of the coffee shop in every day life in the city. Regardless of…

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Today’s Muddy Waters Cafe was once the Thames Crockery, a New London-family-owned business that supplied local restaurants with equipment. The Thames Crockery operated on Bank Street until 1999, when the owners decided to rent out their building to a…
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