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Letter to Saygo continiuing to talk about the state affair and the August Pow Wow in the Catskills. Chief Big Eagle shares he is trading his 8 acres in Brasher for 20 acres in Russel. Baby had an eye infection but her eyes are getting clearer.

Letter is another correspondence about payments for belt making. Chief includes a detailed update on his recent trip to the hospital as well as an interaction with a man from Washington DC about Chiefs accomplishments and inquiries into tribe…

Letter to Saygo discussing the weather and the exchanging of belts and their making. Discussing how he has to go to Greenwich to talk and then talked to someone named Tez who was hosting talks. Also mentions Mag La Que's Pow Wow. Purchase of a puppy…

Chief Big Eagle writes Saygo about trade and also trade with Puerto Ricans. He also asks for an update about the Mohawk Nation and tells Saygo he goes to court to pass a state bill to take more land into trust. He mentions a person named Art Montore.

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A distinguished architect, Robert Mills designed the Washington Monument on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., as well as Custom Houses for several port cities in New England, in addition to the New London Custom House.

This photo depicts the USS Seawolf (SSN 575)—the second nuclear submarine created by Electric Boat Co. (General Dynamics). Its general design was modeled on the USS Nautilus, but the Seawolf propulsion system was more technically advanced, and it is…

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This urgent letter written on hotel stationary gives a glimpse into the life of one average Mohican Hotel Guest. It was discovered in the Lamson & Goodnow Carriage House located on Conway Street in the Buckland section of Shelburne Falls, MA in 2015.


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The National Whaling Bank was one of several business banks in New London as its economy boomed in the whaling era. The bank is the third oldest in the city and was founded by a group of whaling merchants.

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Opened in 1898, the Mohican Hotel was a renowned hotel in Connecticut. New London’s location between Boston and New York meant that it was a hot spot for travelers. New London experienced a rise in tourism during the turn of the century. As seen in…


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