Chief Big Eagle Letter to Saygo (June 28, 1980)


Chief Big Eagle Letter to Saygo (June 28, 1980)


Tribal government


Letter to Saygo discussing the weather and the exchanging of belts and their making. Discussing how he has to go to Greenwich to talk and then talked to someone named Tez who was hosting talks. Also mentions Mag La Que's Pow Wow. Purchase of a puppy for his family.


Paugussett Tribe


Chief Big Eagle


June 28, 1980

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Saygo My Brother-
I Pray That You Are Well And In Good Spirits, The Weather Here Is Hot.
But House Is Cool. I Am Encloseing Your Belt The First One, I Do Hope
That This Is The Design That You Wanted, It Came Out 31 3/4, Twenty Six
Beads Wide. The Tape When You Lay It Out And The Tapes Are Bent Backward It Will Say Back So That You Will Not Get The Good Side Wrong. I Will Set Up The Other Design And Go To Work On It So That I Hope Will Be Done In A Week Two At The Most If I Dont Have To Go No Where. Next Friday I Have To Go To Greenwich To Talk A Couple Of Hours, But Will Be Back.I Am Going To Mag La Que's Pow Wow.Have The Kettles Left For The Islands Yet. Tez Told Me He Seen You At The Talk That He Gave In N.Y. He Stopped For A Day Then Went To R.I.Well I Must Close. My Daughter Gave Me A Young Puppy For, Fathers Day And I Am Working On His House, So That He Will Be Set For The Winter. Well That Is All The News Here. May The Creator Watch Over You And The Great Spirit Be Your Guide




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