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These class D and G submarines were among the first to arrive in Groton during the First World War. Transforming the original Navy Yard site, the quiet seaside town of New London became the location of the first ever Naval Submarine Base.

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Dating to the American Revolution, Fort Trumbull has served as the hub of military action for centuries. Today, it is a Connecticut State Park, where the historic structure of the fort is preserved, and a visitor center displays the defense history…

Built by General Dynamics, the USS Nautilus was the first nuclear submarine ever created. The Nautilus is still celebrated and appreciated today, as it is preserved and on view as part of the Submarine Force Library and Museum in Groton, CT.

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As men went to serve in World War II, women quickly filled their roles, becoming some of the finest mechanics, engineers, and technicians. The Electric Boat Company was a major employer of female workers. Thus, New London played an important role not…

The whaling industry ushered in an era of prosperity in New London. The New London Directory from 1870-71 lists many businesses of all kinds, both related to whaling and not, demonstrating how businesspeople took advantage of New London’s unique…


As the nuclear submarine emerges from the Nautilus shell on the cover of this program celebrating the U.S.S. Nautilus launch, human dominion over the atom becomes a reality. General Dynamics and New London were proud to claim this accomplishment, as…

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In the 1970s, the city of New London proposed a restoration of the historic Fort Trumbull. This architects’ survey report includes a historical background, development and organization proposals, and design recommendations. In the 1990s, the Fort…

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Today’s Muddy Waters Cafe was once the Thames Crockery, a New London-family-owned business that supplied local restaurants with equipment. The Thames Crockery operated on Bank Street until 1999, when the owners decided to rent out their building to a…

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The streets and structures that make up modern day New London have deep roots in the history of this coastal city. The New London Custom House has been one of the most significant buildings in New London for centuries and captures the essence of New…
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