Fundraising for Mardon Walker


Fundraising for Mardon Walker


Visual Description: A picture of a group of girls, three on the left standing, and two seated behind a dark wooden desk. The girl furthest to the left is half cut off by the picture frame and is holding a clipboard. The middle standing girl is leaning over the shoulder of the girl directly in front of the desk. The girl in front of the desk is handing over papers to the furthest right seated girl. The seated girl on the left is smiling up at the girl hanging over the papers. She has an open metal ballot box in front of her on the table. The other seated girl furthest to the right is receiving the papers from the standing girl in one hand and in the other is holding a pen. In front of her there is an open pad with writing on it. In between the seated girls on the desk next to the ballot box is a pair of sunglasses. The girls are in what looks to be a hallway where the walls are bare except for one poster above the desk with some writing and other forms of media on it, which we assume is advertising the event hosted by the girls behind the table, because it is not fully visible






“Fundraising for Mardon Walker,” Linda Lear Center Digital Collections and Exhibitions, accessed December 11, 2023,