Fundraising, Recreated


Fundraising, Recreated


Visual Description: A picture of a group of girls in a class. Three standing on the left and two seated on the right. The furthest most girl on the left is slightly cut off. She is holding a notebook with both hands. The middle standing girl is facing the seated girls, standing behind and to the right of the last standing girl in front of the desk. The last standing girl is smiling at the furthest right seated girl and handing over some papers with her left hand. The girl she is handing the papers to is seated furthest to the right behind the classroom desk. In front of her is a pencil case. The second seated girl has nothing in front of her but is facing all of the girls who are standing, watching the scene.




“Fundraising, Recreated,” Linda Lear Center Digital Collections and Exhibitions, accessed March 6, 2021,

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