William Smith, 14th C.V.I., December 24, 1863


William Smith, 14th C.V.I., December 24, 1863


William Smith writes to his wife about his examination in the hospital, his assignment to the Invalid Corps, and his hopes for a medical discharge.


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Camp Convelesent v d
December 24th 1863
My Dear wife I send you these few lines
to let you know that I am well hoping
this will find you and the children the
Same I would have written to you before
this time but waiting for to have another
Axamination so I have had two know
he has put me down for the
invalied core aggain So there has been
Some of the boys that examined they
have been examined twice so the got to
go to there redgements tomorrow
he said I had the hart disease
So I think know it tis good boy
Redgement for me and cold ground
I want to have you rite to me as soon
as you get this letter I would have
you rite to me before but I did not
know how long I would remain
hear I have had a letter from one
of the boys that was sent to the
redgement I will send it to you
[page 2]
So you can see it and what he says
My dear wife I have good warim Quarters
whare I am know you keep up good
Courage he asked me how long my breast
was sore I told him Sinse the battle
of gett Fredericksburg I may get
My discharge on it yet So you
keep up good Courage I donth
know when I am going to the next
Doctor I have been to two know
So one more will tell the tale
with me I wish you a happy Chrismass
I hope I will be home with you next
Chrismass I am going to have a good
dinner the have been stiffing turkeys
all day So I will have a better
dinner tomorrow than I had last
Chrismass I wish I was home so as
Old Sandey claws would put
Something in the childrens stockings
but keep up good courage god has
been good to yu us both sofar and
I trust in him when we Shall meet
[page 3]
Again My Dear wife I have not
Any more news to write you O yes I have
Seen John Maloney and his son hedges
Clark they are in the first Connecticut
heavey Artilerey the have got a good
Place I have seen them twice the
ware out on drill the second time
I Seen them the have got a good place
there is Steed and jimey Carley
there two and that tall fellow
that youst to keep store for smith
and goodrich and Dave wilson
there is aney Quantity of Middletown
fellows there it tis not 10 munites
walk from the Camp whare I am
you may tell david huey McBrain
has got his discharge he Sleeps
2nd Bunk from me I must draw
to a close hoping this will find
you well give my love to father
and family Mr Hubbard and
familey to Cash and familey
so good boy hills and hollows
[page 4]

I will Send you this back of
An Envelope so as you can
Direct My letters Send me
word if you got my last
Letter and if you have got
a few postage Stamps
Send them to me rite
Soon good boy hills and
Hollows Keep up good courage
A little while longer Kiss the
Children for me No more
at present from your
Affectionate Husband
William D Smith

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