William Smith, 14th C.V.I., April 8, 1864


William Smith, 14th C.V.I., April 8, 1864


United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Sources
United States. Army. Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 14th (1862-1865)
Overland Campaign, Va., 1864


William Smith writes to his wife about rumors of a promotion, trying to learn to play the bugle so that he can join the band and get out of combat duty, and the massing of troops by Grant in preparation for the Overland Campaign.


Camp on the Rapadan April 8th
My Dear wife I received your letter on
thursday night and was glad to hear you
was well as this laves me at present thank
god you mentioned in your letter to have
me rite and let you know if there was
any thing of importnance in letter I sent
you there was two pices I got in the
Connecticut war record about them checks
I shall g blanks for them the 2nd of
this month Abouth me been promoted
to Seacond Sargent it tis not So
but I can be promoted to Corpoler
but I have got a cornet know lerning
on it to bugle John Mackey he wants me
to learn on it and if I get So I can
mouth it him and huey Singlow the
fellow that married ellisebeth prior
I mean old priors daughter he is leader
of the band So if I get allong he
will put me into the band So if I
get there I will be all right I can
turin in evrey night I kneed not go
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on picket or gard know I have not
to go on drill I am excused So as I
can practice on the E cornett I use it
for a bugle Jack Mackey he learins me
all he can if I make it go I am
all right I would take it before an
ordrley Sargents berth no more guns
or Equipments to carrey we are to
have a grand revew tomorrow it tis
pretty warim hear to day but it locks
like a storim again it has rained hear
all last week and Snowed there is
plenty of Snow on the blue ridge Know
we heint but a little ways from the blue
Ridge I neaver Seen Sutch mountains before
we expect all them fellows back this week that
went after recruits all the detailed men
is got to come back grant he is going to have
Evrey one to the front the pionin neers the have
to carrey guns know and the are going to have
Pack mules to carrey there picks and Shoveles
the first conn cavlerey heint but a little ways
from us and the first conn artilerey the say
that the hole of them has had to come ought
how will charley Eddwards like it that
is the Redgiment that John Malloney was
[page 3]
In when did he die give gorge my
Respects I donth know of any thing
more to rite give father and
family my respects Mr hubbard
And family tell David David I rote
Him the last letter I Shall rite to
him but I cannot think of aney
thing just know I am well hoping
this will find you and the children
Enjoying the Same all the boys
[page 4]
is well No More at present
Except this with love from your
Affectionate Husband
William D Smith
kiss the Chidren for me
good boy
PS rite soon
I Should like to be home planting my garden to day

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