William Digby Smith, undated


William Digby Smith, undated


United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
United States. Army. Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 14th (1862-1865)
Prostitution -- United States -- History
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Social aspects


William Digby Smith writes to his wife allaying her concerns about his faithfulness and describing prostitution in the camp.


Dear wife you told me to rite
to you if I had aney secrets ^rite to you
to put them on a scrap of paper
and send it to your Dear wife if that
is so I shall rite to you a Scrap A
little something would not go bad but
thank god Hills and hollows it does not
bother me none I have seen the time it
did I have told you when I was home
I did not care who I could get
something from I did not care
but thank god Hills and hollows
I am gust as free from been near a
woman sinse I left you as william A
Smith is if you was in this Camp
you would see more whores from sin
+ Every night Some of them Stays in
the camp all night but thank god
Hills and Hollows I ha am not one
of that kind you know what
I have been but th thank god 

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Know I can say that ^I ^am the same
to you as when I left you at
Hertford and I mean to ^be So if you
donth belive me which I have told
you Wills and hollows you can       
Ask george A Hubbard
So ^I ^bid good bo boy Hills and Hollows
if I had a little Know but thank       
god it donth trouble me not     
just know it his more evrey day
I think I shall come back
to you again and give you fits
again So good yb boy 

yours William Digby Smith

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