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Thomas Pimer writes to his father about his new camp, camp life, and what he is eating.

William Smith writes to his wife about his chance to get a furlough, his pay, sending money home, the current state of the regiment's officers, and opinions of George McClellan.

William Ingram writes to his wife about the difficulties of getting home and the progress of the war in Louisiana.

Lucy Curtiss writes to her brother Homer on the eve of the Battle of Cold Harbor about not being able to get any news about his regiment.

Lucy Curtiss writes to her brother Homer of the false newspaper report that his regiment had been mustered out of service and that he would return home, preparations for the Fourth of July holiday, and family news.

Homer writes to his mother and his sister Lucy about rejoining his regiment and their performance in the Battle of Cold Harbor.

Homer Curtiss writes to his mother and sisters about life in camp, what he is reading, opinions about the Republican nomination and Union generals, and food prices.


Cornelius Gold writes to his friend Amy about the previous day's combat, the dangers of the picket lines, and his opinion of Gen. Grant.

Cornelius writes to his mother about a series of skirmishes he was involved in in the siege of Petersburg, Va.
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