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In the top right corner are price calculations of a belt, hair ties and postage. The writing describes how the belt is not traditional and then a somewhat poetic piece about winter follows though some of the wording is illegible.

Letter from Chief Big Eagle to Saygo talking about his trip to the prison and his plans to visit Florida after. He must spend time at a school in Florida and then will be returning home.

Chief Big Eagle in a letter to Saygo he sends back a pair of moccosins he left at the reservation. He also sent a $17.00 check for the backing of hair pieces. Chief Big Eagle expresses his concerns about the lack of funds available in their nation…

Big Eagle sends a lengthy letter to a friend giving updates on his "bad leg" and announces his wife, Marsha's, pregnancy to the friend. Big Eagle also references new neighbors who were attacked by his dog because they did not listen to warnings. In…

Chief Big Eagle in this letter to Saygo starts by mentioning a transaction for 17$ for goods at a Pow Wow. He then goes onto mention how Marsha and his baby were sick with Bronchitis and a throat infection, but are doing alright now. He wraps up the…

Letter from Chief Big Eagle about cultural items he is making. Further discussion about his son, Moonface, and his handing off of the Colchester Reservation.

Chief Big Eagle wrote to Saygo about current work on belts that he is working on that he needs to be backed. He then expresses his gratitude for the war club he received as well as the moccasins for his daughter. He then stated that his wife will be…

Chief Big Eagle writes to Saygo to thank him for the quick delivery as they are long time trading partners. Once he takes care of business he updates Saygo on his recent court appearance where he was urged to concede a driveway of 15 ft. Chief Big…

Chief Big Eagle says he will pay Saygo 35$ for a headdress and will pay for more goods that Saygo is making. He also mentions how Marsha went to the hospital, but went back home since she did not give birth yet. She is in her 9th month of her…

Chief Big Eagle wishes Saygo a Merry Christmas in his letter. He also writes to send a check payment of $15 for a belt. He references a movie being made by American Airlines and producers from California will fly in. The belt Chief Big Eagle made is…


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