Situating Activism at Connecticut College

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Exhibition Overview

The photos and documents in this exhibition provide a brief introduction to Connecticut College’s history of social change. The combination of summaries and images are intended to bring into the present these critical moments on our campus. Students in FYS107V: Women on the Loose: Exploring Paths to Political Consciousness and Action, worked in pairs to conduct research in the Linda Lear Center for Special Collections & Archives on their topics. They were asked to “study a moment in Conn’s history, finding out about what happened and its historical context.” This assignment was developed in collaboration between Gender and Women’s Studies Assistant Professor, Ariella Rotramel, and College Archivist, Rebecca Parmer. Key learning goals for this project include supporting students’ ability to: Appreciate the power of individual and collective agency; Effectively communicate ideas via written work, oral and multimedia presentations; Use information literacy, research skills, and digital technologies to advance learning; and examine ways the institution works towards Inclusive Excellence and Full Participation.

Project Teams

Fanning Takeover 1: Junhyung and Cate
Fanning Takeover 2: Maggie and Stephanie
Vietnam War: Samantha and Emma 
Civil Rights: Holly and Ayana 
LGBT Rights: Olivia and Mary Grace
Co-ed transition: Ezra and Colby
Divestment in South Africa: Mark and Fiona

Exhibition Navigation

This exhibition highlights activism events at Connecticut College. While some events correspond directly to a building on campus, others are not associated with a particular site. In these instances, students chose sites they felt best represented the event.

To navigate through the exhibition, click on highlighted buildings for information about activism events, or use the links below.

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