Chief Big Eagle Interactions with Government and Non-Indigenous

Chief Big Eagle Letter to a Friend (August 13, 1980)

August 13, 1980

Big Eagle sends a lengthy letter to a friend giving updates on his "bad leg" and announces his wife, Marsha's, pregnancy to the friend. Big Eagle also references new neighbors who were attacked by his dog because they did not listen to warnings. In the middle, Big Eagle says that a man has threatened Marsha so he responded with his own threat of killing the man. The most important part of the letter is about a trial that Big Eagle is a participant in. He writes that he was frustrated with his lawyer and exclaimed that there will never be justice for him but for the entirety of his life he will not give up land to the white man.
Chief Big Eagle Letter to Saygo  (September 6, 1980)

September 6, 1980

Chief Big Eagle writes to Saygo to thank him for the quick delivery as they are long time trading partners. Once he takes care of business he updates Saygo on his recent court appearance where he was urged to concede a driveway of 15 ft. Chief Big Eagle would have to concede this "Indian land" to Kugi. He does not reveal who/what Kugi is nor what his final decision is regarding the land.

Chief Big Eagle Letter to Saygo (February 12, 1982)

February 12, 1982

Chief Big Eagle wrote a letter to Saygo, his friend who owns a store in upstate New York, with information about trade goods and a meeting that will be held to negotiate ancient Indian land claims. A New York senator is drafting a bill and Chief Big Eagle writes Saygo to visit New York.

A letter to Saygo from Chief Big Eagle (December 24, 1984)

December 24, 1984

Chief Big Eagle wishes Saygo a Merry Christmas in his letter. He also writes to send a check payment of $15 for a belt. He references a movie being made by American Airlines and producers from California will fly in. The belt Chief Big Eagle made is being used in Connecticut Art for display for three months. The letter references business about someone overseas perhaps another dealer for "War Club", and if they do not get it, he will pay Saygo for it before the Spring. He sends his business partner all the best with his family in good health.

A letter from Chief Big Eagle to Saygo (February 10, 1986)

February 10, 1986

Chief Big Eagle in a letter to Saygo he sends back a pair of moccosins he left at the reservation. He also sent a $17.00 check for the backing of hair pieces. Chief Big Eagle expresses his concerns about the lack of funds available in their nation and how they will not give in to the state or federal government offering funds. He mentions how his practices are denying funds is like other Native Western reservations. Lastly, a lady from the state government came to talk about paving a driveway and implementing a tribal office.

Chief Big Eagle Interactions with Government and Non-Indigenous