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Chief Big Eagle saying he has sent multiple checks for different items like Marsha's dress and a baby cradle. He also mentions that everyone liked it so much that he is going to bring another Indian for Saygo to make another dress for the august Pow…

Chief Big Eagle wrote a letter to Saygo, his friend who owns a store in upstate New York, with information about trade goods and a meeting that will be held to negotiate ancient Indian land claims. A New York senator is drafting a bill and Chief Big…


Augustine Sackett writes to his sister about his ship's recent misadventures, the importance of writing letters, changing fashions, and when he might be able to get home.

William Smith writes to his father about preparations for the Battle of Fredericksburg, sickness in the regiment, and complains about officers.

William Smith writes to his wife about his current situation, the prospects for an early end to the war, frustration with Confederate tactics, and the loss of all of the regiment's possessions.

Cornelius Gold writes to his mother about Sundays at camp, religious practices, and his exploration of Hilton Head.

William Digby Smith writes to his wife allaying her concerns about his faithfulness and describing prostitution in the camp.

William Smith writes to his wife of the latest news from the camp, the continuous skirmishing, and the state of the Confederate army.
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