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Cornelius Gold Papers


A collection of correspondence between Cornelius Gold and his family, written between 1862 and 1866. The bulk of the correspondence is from Gold to…

Cuala Press Broadsides


Pdf files of the first series of Cuala Press Broasides, 1908-1911.

Contributors: Elizabeth B. Yeats, Jack B. Yeats

Fort Trumbull

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New London’s geography as a deep-water harbor has shaped its maritime commercial and military history. Already in the late 18th century, the city was…

Contributors: Jennifer Wilson

Fort Trumbull Area


The eastern corner of New London comprises a peninsula commonly referred to as the Fort Trumbell area. This peninsula became extremely relevant to the…

Contributors: Caitlin Teare

Fresh New London

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FRESH New London, a local non-profit which works towards systemic change in agriculture and food production practices, as well as food security and…

Contributors: Marian Hancock-Cerutti

Future National Coast Guard Museum

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Although there is an existing museum dedicated to the history and legacy of the Coast Guard Academy at the school itself, the Coast Guard is the only…

Contributors: Jennifer Wilson

Hygienic Art Galleries

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Located on Bank Street, the Hygienic Art Galleries is a public art gallery that serves artists from the New London area. It strives to represent all…

Contributors: Jacob Brill-Weil

Kachi Kachi Mountain
David Abelson and Ryan Glantz

This is a Japanese Crepe Paper Book describing the fairy tale of the rabbit and the badger.

Contributors: Thompson, David (translator)
Eitaku, Sensei (illustrator)

Linda Lee Abel Scrapbook

McCracken Civil War Correspondence


A collection of correspondence received by James McCracken from William Reynolds and Charles McCracken, soldiers in the Connecticut Volunteer Infantry…