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This is a Japanese woodblock printed crepe paper book, describing the fairy tale "Momotaro."

Contributors: Eitaku, Kobayashi, 1843-1890 (illustrator)

Muddy Waters Cafe

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Commerce, Olga Nikolaeva

Contributors: Eva Brydson

Naval Submarine Base New London

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New London became the location of the first United States Navy Submarine Base on October 18, 1915, when America entered World War I after the sinking…

Contributors: Jennifer Wilson

New London City Hall

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New London‘s City Hall, on State Street, was originally constructed in 1856 in the Italianate style. This building then had a more residential…

New London County Jail

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The structure on the corner of Franklin and Hempstead Street operated as the jail for the city of New London from 1845 to 1962. Reports from 1873…

Contributors: Caitlin Teare

New London Custom House

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Coast (Defense), Grace McGee

Contributors: Eva Brydson

New London Harbor Lighthouse


Constructed in 1760, the New London Harbor Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in the state of Connecticut and the fourth oldest in all of the United…

Contributors: Jennifer Wilson

New London Homeless Hospitality Center

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The New London Homeless Hospitality Center provides a safe space for those in need of housing. The Center was founded in 2006 as a response to the…

Contributors: Marian Hancock-Cerutti

New London Postcards

Ocean Beach

Coast Play and Profit

original research conducted by Fiona Ocain

Ocean Beach has been central to recreation for both New London residents and…

Contributors: Caitlin Teare