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William Reynolds writes from New Orleans to his friend James McCracken in Ledyard, Conn. Reynolds describes camp life, loneliness, disease and the ships and weaponry passing upriver following the siege of Corinth.

William Reynolds writes from New Orleans to his friend James McCracken in Ledyard, Conn. He describes the camp, news and rumors, and preparing for battle and complains about local African Americans and his abolitionist general.

Reynolds writes to his friend James McCracken about the recapture of Brashear City, La. and the work of rebuilding after the Confederate retreat.

William Reynolds writes of the march north from Brashear City, occupation of Alexandria, and members of the company who had been killed, wounded, or captured.

Charles McCracken writes to his brother James of an aborted attempt to transport north toward Vicksburg, complains about corruption and blockade running among Union contractors and soldiers, and discusses matters in Connecticut.

William Ingram writes to his wife of his departure from Connecticut, passage to the Gulf of Mexico, and the regimental camp on Ship Island, Mississippi

Henry Lamphere writes to his uncle over the unequal enrollment bounty that some soldiers received asking that he help resolve the issue in town.

William Ingram sends a letter describing the contents of a box he is sending home


William Ingram writes to his wife about his participation in the Battle of Georgia Landing, a Union victory in Lafourche Parish, October 27, 1862.
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