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New London Custom House

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Coast (Defense), Grace McGee

Contributors: Eva Brydson

Muddy Waters Cafe

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Commerce, Olga Nikolaeva

Contributors: Eva Brydson

Sheffield Pharmaceuticals

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Commerce, Jamila Ezbidi

Contributors: Eva Brydson

Fort Trumbull

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New London’s geography as a deep-water harbor has shaped its maritime commercial and military history. Already in the late 18th century, the city was…

Contributors: Jennifer Wilson

Naval Submarine Base New London

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New London became the location of the first United States Navy Submarine Base on October 18, 1915, when America entered World War I after the sinking…

Contributors: Jennifer Wilson

Centro de la Communidad

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In 1974, the two organizations SACO (Spanish-American Cultural Organization) and Nuestra Casa, which both provided social services to the…

Contributors: Marian Hancock-Cerutti

Ocean Beach

Coast Play and Profit

original research conducted by Fiona Ocain

Ocean Beach has been central to recreation for both New London residents and…

Contributors: Caitlin Teare

Hygienic Art Galleries

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Located on Bank Street, the Hygienic Art Galleries is a public art gallery that serves artists from the New London area. It strives to represent all…

Contributors: Jacob Brill-Weil

Old Town Mill, est. 1650

Built by John Winthrop Jr. four years after he founded New London in 1646, the Old Town Mill is the earliest industrial site in Connecticut. The mill…

Contributors: Jacob Brill-Weil

Whale Oil Row, est. 1835

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In the nineteenth century, New London was a thriving and bustling center of the whaling industry. Whale Oil Row is a part of Huntington Street made up…

Contributors: Jacob Brill-Weil