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United States Coast Guard Academy

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Established in 1790, the Coast Guard is the first "seagoing" military force in the country. Its Academy was founded in 1910 at Fort Trumbull as cadets…

Contributors: Jenni Wilson

Future National Coast Guard Museum

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Although there is an existing museum dedicated to the history and legacy of the Coast Guard Academy at the school itself, the Coast Guard is the only…

Contributors: Jennifer Wilson

Thames River Innovation Place

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The Thames River Innovation Place, or TRIP, is a collaborative nonprofit organization which joins several institutions in both the public and private…

Contributors: Jenni Wilson

The Mohican Hotel

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Commerce, Sachi Fukaya

Contributors: Eva Brydson

Fresh New London

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FRESH New London, a local non-profit which works towards systemic change in agriculture and food production practices, as well as food security and…

Contributors: Marian Hancock-Cerutti

St Mary Star of the Sea Church

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Since its founding in 1876, St. Mary’s Star of the Sea has been a revered place of worship in New London. Not much has changed in the original…

Contributors: Marian Hancock-Cerutti

Public Library of New London


Built in 1889-91, the Public Library of New London was gifted to the city by Henry Philomen Haven. The library building is notable for its design by…

Contributors: Jacob Brill-Weil

Riverside Park


In its current state, Riverside Park reaches 18 acres from the banks of the Thames River upward towards the neighborhoods behind Hodges Square. The…

Contributors: Caitlin Teare

Connecticut College


Although Connecticut College's current relationship with the city of New London remains tenuous, the historical legacy of these two places are…

Contributors: Caitlin Teare

Regional Multicultural Magnet School

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The Regional Multicultural Magnet School (RMMS) is a K-5 public school which embraces both diversity and global themes to promote an interdisciplinary…

Contributors: Caitlin Teare