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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 11

himself and two sisters, orphans. He is 18 yrs old.
has been at sea two or three years. Reached New York
in a Norwegian vessel Dec. 1, 1861. ran away with the
whole crew, and in eight days was before the mast
on the Oriental, unable to speak a word of english
but learns fast.
Thursday. March 6. Barometer [1] for 48 hours low,
with slight ups and downs. telling of things to come,
though the weather for the most part has been fine.
But today, a succession of heavy squalls wind and
Rain - once, a little dash of hail. The sea was a
beautiful green, “topping up” splendidly under
the brisk breezes. Shortened sail gradually.
4 ½ P.M. Made my debut at reefing top sails [2]
putting double in the fore, and single reef in
main top-sail. Another reef in the main at 7 ½ o’c
that our captain may nap in safety. The Bark
we came up with Feb. 28. has been “fore [3] and aft[4] of us
ever since, especially fore. Always in sight. This P.M.
an hour before sun set saw her away to leeward [5]
passing through the arc of a fine rainbow. Her white
sails, and masts made of noble foundation for the
seven colors. Water 69o . (Lagulhas current? “Maury”)
Lat. 39os. Long. 33os east.

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