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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 51

Oriental.  Boatmen afraid of wind + not afraid of me
So lake french leave, + I am freed on the Barq. for the
night. July 31. Get off in the Lighter man’s little
canoe. Don’t know what else came to pass this day.
Saturday Aug. 1. Take Banker with four men, for
a trip up the river to Pasig + the Laguna [1] entrance.
Our Comprador Juan Barberry, is my indian guide
and interpreter. Sick all day, + don’t much care what
I saw. though I did enjoy the Laguna + cool evening
paddle homeward. A company of guitar players
+ their dancing girls, enlivened the hotel after my
return.  Sunday morning Aug. 2. Went to Mass.
Dropped into + quickly out of the latin examination
of some priestly or legal young man, could not tell which.
P.M. Went on board the Oriental + was served the old
way again. Boat men clear out + I stay all night
She (the O-) is bound for N.Y. with hemp + sugar.
Monday Aug. 3. Finish my ‘travels by land.’ Mail
letters home + return to Jabez Snow in P.M. to resume
my nautical port duties. Sunday Aug. 9. Oriental
sailed at day light. ‘Jim’ our queer, crack-trained
Shanghai love affair sailor ran way last week.
He is now in “choky.”

Page 51