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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 23

No shoes, one suspender, dirty flannel shirt. shapeless
felt hat. doubtful trousers. looked like a mule driver.
disgraced the ship. threw my hat on deck. couldn’t run
away. had to stand and take it. One comfort, they “didn’t
know it was me.”
Thursday May 1. At 11 o’clock last night, Capt J.
overcome by fatigue (has scarcely lain down since
Monday- ) fell asleep on the poop. Midnight the tide
changed and carried the Oriental with it southward.
3 A.M. Mate woke Captain + told him we were had drifting
out. Had lost about 8 miles. Were nearly back to
Carpenters Rocks [1] in 60 fathoms water. Dropped the
kedge anchor [2], but dragged it. and very soon were
outside again as far as 24 hours before. Hard beating,
short tacks close in shore out of the current. Struck
first in the bay below Java Head [3].
and next time pointed above it. About 3 P.M. tide
turned, and at ½ past 4 anchored in Mew Bay [4]. The
Providence craft and the English ladies were there
before. One by one the stragglers came in ‘till a fleet
of nine lay at rest. The Sonora of Newburyport [5], a large
ship, is a cable length ahead of us. First sight of
the new moon and a delicious evening. Passed an

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